Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain

Advantage Chiropractic identifies the cause & develops a treatment plan for your lower back pain. (219) 922-0202Advantage Chiropractic identifies the cause & develops a treatment plan for your lower back pain. (219) 922-0202If you’re suffering from lower back pain you are not alone. More than 80% of North Americans will at some time in their lives suffer from the disabling confines of lower back pain.

According to experts, lower back pain is the number one disability culprit in workers’ compensation claims and accounts for more than $50 billion annually in the US through medical care and lost production. In addition, the latest research shows most lower back problems that cause low back pain do not fully resolve without extensive traction treatment and proper rehabilitation.

At Advantage Chiropractic we offer a unique non-surgical decompression/traction treatment procedure using a unique KDT Neural-Flex® Decompression Table. The benefits of this treatment are numerous:

  • A non-traumatic traction treatment (where manipulation can be dangerous)
  • A traction treatment agreeable to virtually any age or body type
  • The traction treatment of choice for disc compression syndromes (encompassing up to 85% of patient back pain issues)

Many clinics use treadmills, Thera-bands and other methods which give patients a similar generic treatment program. Our unique approach to low back pain is to allow our patients to receive very intense and specific treatment tailored to the individual. Even general medical practitioners generally lack adequate training in this area and have not learned the skills necessary to most effectively identify and treat most low back pain conditions.

Many tissues can generate low back pain. Unfortunately, research shows that the exact tissues causing the pain cannot be specifically identified in up to 80% of individuals. In other words, we cannot single out the tissue(s) responsible for the pain. These patients are said to suffer from “nonspecific low back pain.”; The specific cause of the pain cannot be determined.

Common events leading or contributing to the development of lower back pain include:

  • incomplete rehabilitation of past injuries
  • lack of proper and periodic lumbar spinal alignments
  • presence of lumbar spine subluxations
  • improper lifting techniques
  • improper workstation setup
  • poor posture
  • prolonged sitting
  • prolonged use of non-ergonomically designed equipment
  • excessive repetitive torsal motions
  • exposure to vibratory forces (truck drivers, jack hammer operators)
  • scoliosis (lateral deviation of the spine)
  • fallen foot arches and other foot abnormalities
  • physical inactivity
  • poor diet and nutritional practices
  • smoking

Identifying the Cause

The first step in treating low back pain is to determine what has and is causing the pain. Once the causes and contributing factors are identified, a successful treatment plan can be structured to eliminate the pain and achieve the goals of the patient.

Proper Habits and Techniques

Another key ingredient to a successful lower back pain treatment plan includes the learning of proper postural habits and other techniques. Proper posture is a significant factor in the health of the back and proper posture should always be practiced. Techniques common to daily living and work also play a major role in the development or lack of development of low back pain. This includes proper lifting techniques, avoidance of repetitive motions, avoidance of prolonged sitting, and much more. We can teach you correct habits and techniques which will protect your back from discomfort and injury.

How to Maintain a Healthy Lower Back

Maintaining proper alignment and functioning of the lower back through periodic spinal adjustments minimizes the stresses to structures of the lower back. Also, keeping the nervous system free from interference ensures proper communication between the various structures of the lower back.
Practicing proper lifting techniques and ergonomics are key in preventing lower back injury at work and preventing future recurrences of old injuries.
Routine physical activity keeps the heart healthy and keeps the spine and the rest of the body strong and healthy. A minimum of 3 times per week for 40 minutes should be your goal. Involve friends and family, mix up the activities, keep it fun and stay consistent!
Providing your body with the proper fuel increases performance, reduces the likelihood of injury and sickness, speeds recovery after injury, and keeps you feeling good. If, like the rest of us, you’re finding it difficult to get all the nutrients your body needs, it’s probably time to supplement.

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, join the millions of other individuals who have benefited from gentle, safe and natural chiropractic care. Our treatments provide fast, effective relief which not only eliminates pain, but can help increase the performance and health of the entire body.